The Top Social Media Trends of 2014

by Editor on March 24, 2014

share-phone2014 has brought about plenty of change in the social media world. Every business owner is constantly asking: how can I take advantage of the latest developments to increase my business exposure? However, you’ve got to be one step ahead. In this post, we’ll share a couple tips that will serve you well this year. Ask your agency, how are we taking advantage of the following? Their answer just might be the beginning of a make or break year for your business.

Google Plus is Dominating

If history has proven anything, it has proven that social media websites don’t last forever. Just look at That was the most popular social media network in the world at one point, but then Facebook came along and took all of their traffic away. Now Facebook is the number one social media network. But, this will soon change because Google Plus looks like it’s about to become number one. This is Google’s own social media network that connects people’s profiles to all of their other Google accounts, including YouTube. Right now it is a moderate success because it is still new. But recently, Google has starting requiring people who comment on YouTube to do it through their Google Plus account. This is huge because there are hundreds of millions of people that surf YouTube and if all of these people use their Google Plus account, then it will quickly be in the same league as Facebook. This trend will continue until it is ahead of Facebook in the ranking polls.

Business Marketing Necessity with Social Media

Businesses used to see social media as a luxurious extra way to advertise their products or services. Now it has turned into a necessity for businesses because most people spend their time on social media networks, whether it is on the computer or through their mobile phone. Fewer people these days are watching television or reading magazines. They are on their Facebook or Twitter account sending messages back and forth between their friends. If one of those friends happens to stumble upon your business website and it has a social media icon, then they will be able to share that link with all of their other friends by clicking that button. The trend of social media marketing has never been bigger and any business that doesn’t get in on it will be losing many potential customers.


Sure Fire Tips For Search Engine Optimization

by Editor on November 28, 2013

seo-guyThere are many misconceptions about doing Search Engine Optimization. In 2014, there are many people who claim to have SEO perfect. However, there is only one company that could tell you for sure that they can get you top rankings, and that’s Google. We all know they’re not taking clients, but hey, it’s their game. If you really want to win at SEO. You have to play your game. Here are some great tips to help you along the way.

New Content is Always Good for SEO

People often get confused when it comes to search engine optimization. They simply don’t know where to start or how to go about doing it. There are just a few tips you need to consider when starting to perform search engine optimization on your website. First, you must always update your website with new and relevant content. Search engines can detect when a website has the same old content on there for weeks and weeks. If they detect this then they could blacklist your website, which means it won’t appear in any search results. This is definitely something that you do not want to happen. So, always try to update your website at least once per week.

Choose the Right Keyword Phrases

The ability to rank high in the search results depends on the keywords you set for your website. You will want these keywords to be relevant to the content on your website, so that people searching these words will likely be interested in what your website has to offer. When you build your website, you place these keywords in the meta tags of your HTML. These tags will go in the header of your HTML coding. If you do not understand how to do this, you can either download some tutorials on the internet or hire an SEO professional to do it for you. It really isn’t that hard though because you don’t have to know how to code in order to do it. You just have to know how to copy and paste. You can use plenty of meta tag generators on the internet that will create the code for you. All you have to do is fill in the information, such as the website description and the keywords. Then it turns that information into the coding that goes in the header of your website.


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